We welcome support from organizations or individuals who share our vision and goal. Your support will go directly towards ensuring that Namibian will have access to technology and help to surmount one of the biggest barriers to their basic education in computing and programming. We also welcome any kind of support, be a technical materials such as; books, devices, coupons, swags and any other support

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Computer Labs

We've been fundraising since 2017 to gather enough money to put together a modest computer laboratory for use in School that can also be used at events outside the school. We also need funds to keep the lab running, and to take it to events such as workshops around the country. The biggest challenge for young learners in Namibia, including in Namibian schools, is the lack of computers on which to learn and practice. Even in schools, pupils rarely have enough computers in the classroom for their lessons and some pupils do their entire computer studies without having access to an actual computer.