The Python Software Association of Namibia is a registered Non-Profit Organization registered in Namibia. It is the organisation behind PyCon Namibia which run sorely by the volunteers.

  • To educate the public about the benefit in the use and understanding of the Python programming language
  • To create new generation of Python developers from as young as primary school learners
  • To organise, present and promote Python related conferences, workshop, meetings and events at venues within the Namibia
  • Support and promote Python related projects and events organised by PYNAM members
  • To support PYNAM members wishing to attend Python related conferences, meetings and events



Our aim is to learn as much of Python and bridge the tech gap among the citizen to allow them to participate in the global tech community.

The Team

PYNAM is lead entirely by volunteer members of the Python community. The volunteers also help to organise the Python Namibia Conference (PyCon Namibia).


All students, school and university staffs, as well as members of the community who are enthusiasts of programming using python shall be eligible to become members of the Association.